Boat ownership, simplified.

This is an all-in-one platform giving you full power to track, organize and manage all aspects of your boat, giving you more time on the water.

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Stay completely organized.

BoatKey is the best place to store all of your manuals, paperwork, photos, receipts and more. This makes accessing information easier and alleviates the struggle of trying to remember where something is stored or hidden away.

Share anything with anyone.

We give you complete control of sharing your boat details and information. This makes working with insurance providers, boatyards, brokers and the buying and selling process much easier.

Track your maintenance and tasks with ease.

Schedule, complete and document maintenance jobs so you’ll never forget what’s been done, and what needs to be done. Create tasks and to-dos for all other boat related reminders.

Your inventory, in one place and organized.

Add photos, purchase details, warranty info, documents and more to your boat’s inventory items. If it’s on the boat, it should be in your inventory.

Additional features

BoatKey has more features under the sails, giving you a better way to manage all aspects of your boat.

The Helm

Quickly see your days tasks, maintenance and upcoming duties. It’s your view from the helm.


Your view into your upcoming tasks, maintenance and scheduled expenses.

Captain’s Log

Logging and recording for those day trips or longer. Add your photos, notes and never forget the memories.


Track any expenses related to your boat, whether they’re one‑time or recurring, you can track it.


Add all your insurance policy details and documents, and never forget to renew with our reminders for insurance and surveys.


Easily view the recent activity that has occurred with your boat on the platform and never miss a thing.

Stay up to date.

Get notified about updates and be the first to get early access to the simplest way to manage all aspects of your boat.